Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Focus makes me efficient

I have always wanted to be efficient in whatever I do. I have tried so many methods, and have been doing some readings. From my observations, readings, trial and error, I finally make a conclusion. Focus. That's it. All I need to do is focus on one thing at a time.

One metaphor is kungfu. In this martial art, a seemingly impossible act, can be done smoothly, with little energy. What the kungfu fighter usually do is focus sharply on the object he wants to act upon, and then act upon it in a very fast manner. The result is always perfect for a professional kungfu fighter.

This applies too to whatever you want to accomplish. Let's take washing dishes for an example. When you wash the dishes focus only on the dish washing. Concentrate on the washing. Focusing is to put all energy, effort, and attention into one. In this case, the dish washing. Your eyes, hands, even your hearing should be focused on the dish washing. Enjoy it as you do it. If you really focused, you will be in a flow; 100% focused, zero distraction. And the end result is a sense of full contentment.

Do not multi-task. One thing at a time. Sounds slow, but in reality is faster. Enjoy your doing, take your time to accomplish the one thing your doing in that moment. Don't try to be perfect. Complete the one thing you are doing, and then quickly move to the next.  Focus washing on one plate and then quickly move to the next plate. It is much efficient. Believe me! All you have to do is break your task into small steps. Concentrate on each steps, and move quickly from one to another.

Monday, August 23, 2010

From thought to reality

'Practice makes perfect' a common saying that almost all of us have heard of. But it is so common that we sometimes just ignore it. We want to do something amazingly, but before we can we have to start somewhere. Take baby steps, move on, keep on going, you might fall and slip here and there, but get up, get on your feet again and move on.

Sometimes we have great ideas, but that ideas never come into reality. Why? Because we doesn't have the courage or the drive to begin it. What drive us to do what we want to achieve? What inspire us to take the difficulty, to take the action to move towards our intention. The answer is the thought! When we start thinking about what we intended to realize, thinking about it deeply, visualize it in our mind; having the picture of the end result clearly in our mind, imagining the details, we are practicing it in our head. From there automatically, our physical body will act upon it, day in and day out. And, eventually we will master it.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

In harmony inside out

I have been reading about focus for quite sometimes, in my effort to be more focused in life. In one of the articles I read, focusing is to make all parts within you working together towards a goal. Your mind, hands, body, soul all are working towards one thing. And if you are really focused, you will be in the flow; meaning zero distraction. The way I look at it, in order to be focused in whatever you are doing, you have to be in harmony within yourself.

Focus is important to make sure you do your best efficiently in whatever your undertakings. As important as focus, living with purpose or with intention will make your life flow in the right path. Intention here is not something you decide, but something that is destined for you. To live with purpose or intention, you must be in harmony with others around you, undividing love to others, be kind, no judgments, no expectations, accept others as who they are. Love nature, appreciate the beauty of every little thing around us. And most importantly, be in harmony with God. Love, be grateful, help others and be kind to all living thing.

In conclusion, being harmony inside-out is important to live a meaningful, and wonderful life.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I want to do something beneficial

I have always wanted to do something beneficial to myself and others on this earth. I have so many things on my list, from writing good blogs to producing extraordinary product that is useful to anybody on this earth. Focus, yes thats my problem. I seem to be unable to focus on one mission, on one niche. All the items in my mission list are interesting,  fun, and enjoyable. I am aware that I have to pick up only one and focus on it... truly focus on it, live with, dream about it. But, which one? I love doing all of them, but when I start doing one of them, there is this urge to do the other thing (it is my resistance). When I start doing the other thing, the urge come again whispering to stop what I am doing....... it is boring, it is not worthwhile doing, look for other better oportunities.

Then, I realized if I keep on doing this, I will end up nowhere. Simplify. Focus on one thing at a time. When I read an article on the Zenhabits blog 'The Reason You’re Stuck (and the one best way to avoid the six ways that will keep you stuck)'  by Seth Godin, I realized that, yes it is the resistance that keep on sticking me to be a mediocre. From the article, I learn that, to escape myself  from the sucking glue, I have to have a very strong intention, that I 'll do whatever it takes to achieve my intention. Bravo! Find one good intention that I really want to manifest. Ignore the execuses. Shut up the negative thoughts. I want to manifest it, I have too, it really matters. I want to be like water. It keeps on flowing, no matter how big, and strong the obstacles....always find my way out.

Now, take only one mission, no turning back, improve as I progress, make adjustments as it happens... strive and keep on progressing as it give me pleasure and a wonderful feeling of contentment.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happiest people on earth do not have the best of everything, but, they make the best out of everything

Life sometimes can get very complicated. There is always more and more. The more you strive to make your life complete, the more you find it is not complete. It is a common thing in our society today, that living in a luxury life is a dream of almost everyone.We want to be the best of the best. We want to own a luxury and powerful car, live  in a big and sophisticated house... own and have all the best things in life. We work harder and harder, but it doesn't seem to be enough. Instead we get more stressed up. The more we accumulate, the more stress and unsatisfied we are. The race will never ends.

Why? The more we have in life, the prouder we become. When we find someone else have more than we do, we become envious. We worked harder to be on top of others. We dream of the life which do not belong to us. We tend to forget what we have.  We become judgemental ; we feel others are racing against us. They want to be on the top too. Our expectation is high. The people on top will be respectable. We have to be there, we must have all that whatever it takes. Life has become a race, stressful, and tiring. And when we don't get what we want, we become really frustrated.

On the other hand, if we let go all these, and accept whoever we are, be grateful with what we have, appreciate our surroundings, enjoy our life every moment, life can be very beautiful as it is.

Simplify your life, focus on the now, rather than worrying about the future, or living in the past. Be grateful with what you have today and enjoy every bit of it as it is the most beautiful gift you ever received.