Thursday, July 21, 2011

My peaceful Project

Studies has shown (Heartfelt) that, our heart and mind have the power to change the human beings in this world. I always refer to clean flowing water as a pure clean life; never complains but keep on going flowing touching the life of others as it pass by, doesn't resist, but accept things as it comes and live as it is. Leave behind the dirt and unwanted molecules, to maintain its purity and cleanliness.

After reading the 'Heartfelt' article , I felt awaken. How easy it is to be beneficial to others. Our life and the world around us is surrounded by the positives and the negatives. All we have to do is to make a choice in every moment of our life. Just choose on focusing the positives. See the positives in yourself, see the positives in others. Spread your love and appreciation to the world wide, by focusing on the positives in you and others. The positives vibration will soon spread around the world, flooding the world with love, appreciation, kindness, gratitude and smiles. It all begins from your heart, so start smiling from the bottom of your heart to someone today and make his day.