Monday, October 24, 2011

How to be Beneficial

Life is short. And God give us enough freedom to shape it consciously and unconsciously. How we use our mind, is within our control. But sometimes, unconsciously we use it wrongly that turns our life undesirable. We are here in this world for a purpose, so live up to it. Make your life beneficial and worth it not just for yourself but also to others.

There are many ways of becoming beneficial. Listed below are a few to consider.

- Produce something that can benefit others
- Contribute your energy or money for the good being of others
- Share knowledge and experience with others
- Motivate and inspire others to excel in every way they can

The list can go on and on, but it will be meaningless, if it lacks quality.

The quotes that says "We need to have in order to give" is very true. Replenish yourself with energy, knowledge, motivation and inspiration in order to benefit others. Get enough sleep and rest, keep on learning and exploring and find inspiration in life in every way you can. The key is to enjoy every moment in acceptance and appreciation, and to focus on your niche. Be efficient, effective, expert and inspired. Keep it alive and dynamic through improvement.

Every night, before you go to bed, reflect back on your activities earlier in the day. Assess your qualities, and most importantly always find ways to improve no matter how satisfied you are with your day. There is always room for improvement. Then ask yourself how you can benefit others from what you have. Finally accept what is and thank God for everything in your life.