Sunday, August 21, 2011

Intention the Key to Your Action.

We can have well planned future maps. We can have all the facilities we need, all the support we want, but whether the action will meet the desired objectives  depends on our intention. We may say we want, we wish and we desire something to realize. We take the action and precaution we can take. We move on, sometimes running, sometimes walking and sometimes crawling. Sometimes we feel energetic and sometimes hopeless and helpless.

Whether we are aware or not, our foundation is not strong enough. That's why we lack of consistency and focus. We are missing something important. A sincere intention!

A clear, pure and sincere intention make us see our destination more clearly and confidently. If the intention is strong we can even feel the desired result in our soul. A strong intention ignores energy wasting distractions and obstacles. It is the energy that pushes us through our effort even when the path is not clear. It helps us to be more consistent and enjoy our journey to our intended destination.

Therefore make sure your punch is direct to the point; sharp and confident, event though it did not really hit the target precisely. What matters is the effort. Be thankful of the result and accept it. The most important thing is that you have take the effort to realize your sincere intention.

Begin every effort with a sincere intention and feel the result in your soul.