Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Acceptance, the Key to a Wonderful Life

"What a wonderful day today is", you thought. The weather is good. Your mood is good. And the traffic is unusually smooth. Your colleagues noticed how happy you are today. Suddenly, your boss called you to his office. A new assignment for you. You went into  his room smiling until you heard what the assignment is all about. Something that you really dread doing. "Oh, No! Not me. Give it to someone else" shouted your inner voice. But what you could only say to your boss is "Okay, I'll do it".

Back at your desk, you are not the same person as you are when you arrived earlier this morning. Unsatisfactory and a little of anger filled up your heart. You can't concentrate. You tried to focus on your work. But it is just too difficult. You felt uncomfortable. You felt like going out somewhere to loosen up and take some fresh air, but you can't. It's office hour and you know how strict the HR department are.

"Face it", suddenly the phrase just come up in your head. You sit back. Then took a deep breath. "Why not? After all I have no choice", you thought. "Okay then, I'll do it the best I can". Next thing, you find yourself listing the objectives of your new assignment. Then the action lists. And finally you got the plan outlined. You felt content and smiled.

You can turn around just about anything that God permits, by accepting whatever comes into your life as it is. Accept them with an open heart. Then work it out from there. Enjoy it as you do it.

The moment you accept, everything will loosen up. Everything seems to fall nicely into its place. Life become easier and more pleasant. On the other hand, when you resist, you create tension. You are not following the flow of your life. You are trying to swim upstream. Life will be difficult, exhausting and full of frustration.

Therefore, be like water, always flowing smoothly and make its way through, even there are obstacles.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Your life is already perfect

Are you happy with your life? Or are you always whining about your life? Actually you are the main contributor, the determiner of how your life is.

God created us with a purpose and give us life. All we have to do is go with the flow. What comes into our life is gifts from God. Do not compare it with others. Do not ask for more. Do not crave for other things. What is there for you is yours. It is the best for you. Accept it with open heart. Be thankful to God.

When we accept whatever God give us we do not resist his gifts. We are being harmony with ourself and God. And when we thank Him for the gifts, we appreciate them and we will get more gifts. Life will be peaceful and abundant.

If we do not know what to do with the gift or doesn't like the gift. The first step is to accept it and be thankful. Something is better than nothing. Then work your way to make use of the gift. There is always a way if you focus and work on it. Trust me God will help you in you endeavor. And when you succeed, be thankful again. You will get more gifts and help from God. Your life will be full of abundance.

Sometimes on your way to success, there are obstacles and disturbances. Accept them peacefully as they come. They are teachers that help us to learn new skills, polish existing skills and learn to be patient. Work your way out smartly and peacefully. If there is nothing you can do about it. Just accept it and leave to God to deal with it. It is not your part. It comes to teach you to be patient. Then let it go and move on.

So my dear friends put a sincere smile in your face today and live your life as it is.

How to manage your time efficiently

Time is fix. You doesn't get more today or lesser tomorrow. What has passed, is gone. And what is coming is beyond your control. All you have is NOW; a space to act in.

You can't control your future 100%, but you can be prepared. Set your priorities. Narrow down your focus. Get a good rest to ensure you have enough energy for the future. Prepare your mind and body for it. Start your day early and fresh. And do not forget to prepare yourself for the unplanned events, in case they come up. In other words, set your target, get yourself equipped mind and body, and have alternative plans or reserve space for the unexpected.

Moments come and go. Therefore do your best in each moment. Single tasked. Do one task at a time, one small step at a time. Focus and concentrate on one thing. Do not multi-tasking, your energy and attention will spread out and will be less effective. Just focus on one thing in each moment and enjoy it.

What happened in the past sometimes weighs you down. Let them go. Extract the lesson from it and use it as your tool. Then let go the past. Move on. What makes you today is not shaped by the past but by what you do now, in this moment. So get up and embrace your moment!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Pleasure of NOW

Have you ever do a task with the focus fully on your inner-self, doing the task? It's a wonderful experience, believe me! The task becomes more enjoyable. And as your mind is more focused, you become more efficient. Fast and focused. Just like a Kungfu fighter. Accomplishes so many things in a short time. And the sense of contentment at the end of the task, put a smile in your face and energizes you for more fulfilling tasks.

What happens here is you are working in harmony with yourself. Your mind, spirit and every parts of your body, all working together to accomplish only one thing at that moment. How do you do that?

Well, before you start any task, make clear of your sincere intention in your heart. Then move on to the doing with the sincere intention in mind. Feel yourself doing it and enjoy it. See and feel yourself doing it through the eyes of your spirit. Take your time. Stay calm. Though you feel that you are moving in a slow pace, actually you are more efficient as everything goes smooth and mistake are minimize compare to if you do it in a rushing mode.

Rushing is not fast. When you rush you tend to make more mistake. Correcting the mistake or making up to the damage done is more time consuming and an energy waster. You feel you are doing it fast when you rush, but when you rush, you are not focused. You are multitasking. Your mind, spirit and body are not focused to one thing. Instead the energy is spread to more than one thing. A focused energy, like laser beam is more powerful than a spread energy.

All you need is practice. Remember these points. One, sincere intention. Two, Be in harmony with the task at hand. And finally, one small step at a time.