Monday, October 24, 2011

How to be Beneficial

Life is short. And God give us enough freedom to shape it consciously and unconsciously. How we use our mind, is within our control. But sometimes, unconsciously we use it wrongly that turns our life undesirable. We are here in this world for a purpose, so live up to it. Make your life beneficial and worth it not just for yourself but also to others.

There are many ways of becoming beneficial. Listed below are a few to consider.

- Produce something that can benefit others
- Contribute your energy or money for the good being of others
- Share knowledge and experience with others
- Motivate and inspire others to excel in every way they can

The list can go on and on, but it will be meaningless, if it lacks quality.

The quotes that says "We need to have in order to give" is very true. Replenish yourself with energy, knowledge, motivation and inspiration in order to benefit others. Get enough sleep and rest, keep on learning and exploring and find inspiration in life in every way you can. The key is to enjoy every moment in acceptance and appreciation, and to focus on your niche. Be efficient, effective, expert and inspired. Keep it alive and dynamic through improvement.

Every night, before you go to bed, reflect back on your activities earlier in the day. Assess your qualities, and most importantly always find ways to improve no matter how satisfied you are with your day. There is always room for improvement. Then ask yourself how you can benefit others from what you have. Finally accept what is and thank God for everything in your life.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Simplify and Beautify your Life

We always hear complaints from others on how stressful they are, how boring their day was, how busy they are and so on and on.... all surrounding on negativity in life. That's the problem with us human being we only see the negative parts and ignoring the positive parts. No wonder we complaint so much.

Actually every moment of our life is a gift. Every moment is an opportunity to explore and improve our life. We interpret the world around us using our mind. We see and feel through our five senses; vision, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting. But the interpretation is done in our mind. Different mind has different interpretation. A negative minded will interpret a scenario negatively, while a positive minded will always see the positive in everything despite the hardship or trouble.

The choice is yours. If you see negatives in your surrounding, you'll suffer. Your life will be full of worries, hatred, sad, regret, jealousy and other negative feelings. On the other hand, if you decide to see only the positives in everything, you'll will be more calmer, relax, happy, friendly, helpful, lovely and full of positive acceptance.

However, there are times when the situation is too negative or you can't see any positive side of it, then you are the one who have to turn the situation into a positive situation. Smile and be calm, be nice to others and love others unconditionally. It is worth the effort. The power is in your mind.

Welcome each moment of your life as an opportunity to explore and enjoy your life. Live your life from moment to moment and enjoy the beauty of each moment sincerely.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Intention the Key to Your Action.

We can have well planned future maps. We can have all the facilities we need, all the support we want, but whether the action will meet the desired objectives  depends on our intention. We may say we want, we wish and we desire something to realize. We take the action and precaution we can take. We move on, sometimes running, sometimes walking and sometimes crawling. Sometimes we feel energetic and sometimes hopeless and helpless.

Whether we are aware or not, our foundation is not strong enough. That's why we lack of consistency and focus. We are missing something important. A sincere intention!

A clear, pure and sincere intention make us see our destination more clearly and confidently. If the intention is strong we can even feel the desired result in our soul. A strong intention ignores energy wasting distractions and obstacles. It is the energy that pushes us through our effort even when the path is not clear. It helps us to be more consistent and enjoy our journey to our intended destination.

Therefore make sure your punch is direct to the point; sharp and confident, event though it did not really hit the target precisely. What matters is the effort. Be thankful of the result and accept it. The most important thing is that you have take the effort to realize your sincere intention.

Begin every effort with a sincere intention and feel the result in your soul.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My peaceful Project

Studies has shown (Heartfelt) that, our heart and mind have the power to change the human beings in this world. I always refer to clean flowing water as a pure clean life; never complains but keep on going flowing touching the life of others as it pass by, doesn't resist, but accept things as it comes and live as it is. Leave behind the dirt and unwanted molecules, to maintain its purity and cleanliness.

After reading the 'Heartfelt' article , I felt awaken. How easy it is to be beneficial to others. Our life and the world around us is surrounded by the positives and the negatives. All we have to do is to make a choice in every moment of our life. Just choose on focusing the positives. See the positives in yourself, see the positives in others. Spread your love and appreciation to the world wide, by focusing on the positives in you and others. The positives vibration will soon spread around the world, flooding the world with love, appreciation, kindness, gratitude and smiles. It all begins from your heart, so start smiling from the bottom of your heart to someone today and make his day.

Monday, June 6, 2011

My Experience Being in the Moment

Have you had the experience of enjoying you own companion? You alone with yourself? The fact of being alone scares some people. They just want to be around somebody. They don't like the feeling of loneliness. They rely on external factors for being alive and entertained.

On the other hand, some people enjoy being alone. They accomplish more when alone. They feel more alive and self-content when alone. Why does this happen?

When we appreciate every moment of our life, we do our best every moment of it no matter what the circumstances is. We accept the moment as it comes and try to benefit from it in every way we can. Keep on flowing like water to maintain our purity. Stagnant water collects dirt, so flow with the moment smoothly and gently, just like a flowing water.

I had this experience before; being alone. I had a list of tasks to do. So I do each one mindfully, enjoying myself. My focus were sharp on the moment at hand. I completed the task smoothly and was feeling much more efficient and happy.

From my observation, to live mindfully, you have to focus on your moment. Whatever you are doing or feeling, make it special. Let other things freeze. Only the doing or the feeling is happening and you are enjoying it. Time doesn't stop or pause, so should you. Just flow with the moment.

My Life Focus

We ought to have a focus in life so that our energy can be concentrated into one thing, and not distributed into many little things. Focus make us more effective and makes our life more meaningful. Life without focus is like letting yourself drifted in a wide blue sea.... wasted and lost.

To be in controlled, I have to own my own life. I have to recognize what is mine and what I am liable to. Follows is what I discover:

The past is gone, it is not mine.
The future is a non-existence.
What others do, may it be to me, to other beings or things, is non of my business. It is between them and God.

What is mine is my soul.
What exist is my present moment.
What is my business is what I do, whether at my will or in reaction to external factors, because I have to answer each of it to God.

Therefore, my focus in life is 'Being my soul in every moment of my life'. The soul is the doorway to the truth, so let my life be guided by the truth.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Observe Yourself

This post is actually a continuation of the previous post: Mind Your Own Business. Often times we couldn't help thinking about the past. The scene just keep on playing in our mind even though we stop it every time we become aware of it. It just keep on coming back.

So how do we stop it. The answer is your focus. Your mind will start thinking on where you are focusing on. If your mind is idle and you are not focusing on anything in particular then it tends to play the most accessible or recent memories. Thus, never let your mind be idle. Focus on your present moment. Observe yourself. Stop bothering about others, the past and the future, but focus on yourself and your present moment. If you decided to be good and beneficial no matter what, then observe yourself doing it. No one is responsible for your action except you yourself.

Focusing on the good and positives in the present moment will create a good and positive life. Forget about the past and the worries. Trust God on those matters. Watch yourself every moment. Ideally, in each moment your can be in one of three states of inner-being. You either can be in acceptance, or enjoyment or enthusiasm. Make sure you are in either one of the three states in every moment you live in.

Care for yourself, love yourself and make the best out of yourself. Instead of bothering about others and the non-existence (the past and the future), be your own best friend; always there to guide, to love, to correct, to remind and to help yourself.

Mind Your Own Business

Have it ever occur to you that you are always minding other people's business?
Most of us would answer 'No'. Well think again. At least when you are alone, what are you thinking. Are you always focus on your present moment all the time?

Chances are that we are thinking about the past events. We relive the past moments. Sometimes we even rehearsing in our mind what should be said in those moments. We judge the characters. We let the emotion absorb into us. The sadness, the in-satisfaction, the anger, the shame, the happiness... all drifting us away from our present moment.

Do we gain anything from this? Does it rectify the situation? Are we feeling any better? The answer is 'No'. Why? Because no action is done. It only amplify the emotion. And according to law of attraction, it attracts more of such situation. Furthermore, you lost. You let your present moment pass by without doing anything beneficial.

When dealing with the past, the first thing to do is to accept it, and then ask yourself what you can learn from it and how can you rectify it. The philosophy here is to think of the positives (the lessons and the solution). If you can't think of a remedy, leave it to God since He is the best to rely on. Then move on with your present moment. Mind your own business.

Judging and thinking about others is not your business. Whatever others do to you is also non of your business. It is their business. Your business is how you react to a situation. Thinking about the problem is a negative way of reacting. Judging and thinking of how bad and inappropriate others are also non of your business. Let God deal with it; He knows the best. Your business is in your present moment. Make the best out of it through your soul. Be sincere in every moment and your soul will guide you through.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Forgive and Forget: Human do Make Mistakes

When we see others make mistakes, do not judge and do not punish them. What you perceived as a mistake may not be their mistake after all. Instead it may be your mistake. Your misjudgment. A famous story called the 'Cookie Thief' explains this scenario very well. A lady who was so engrossed in her book, thought that the man sitting besides her were eating her cookies that she had just bought earlier. She thought the man was irritating. She didn't realized her mistake until she got into the plane and found her bag of cookies in her baggage. The moral of the story here is not to rush into judgement, for you might feel ashamed of yourself when you find out the truth.

Human make mistakes. Do not laugh at them, do not hate them and do not tease them for their mistakes. Seek for the truth. If it is the truth, then be a human friend who understands that human do make mistakes. Help them out in a loving and friendly manner. Forgive them. Learn from their mistakes.

Do not judge others from their physical appearance, their behavior or their reactions, because we do not know what is in their heart. Let God deal with them because He knows what we don't. Instead, judge ourself, "Are we better than we used to be?". Every day is a chance to be a better person than we used to be. So grab the opportunities. Focus on yourself before you focus on someone else.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

How I Embrace Peace

I was just like any other ordinary human being on this planet. Sometimes happy, in other times angry and dissatisfied. At times I am a peaceful creature, but in another I'm restless and stressed. But then I realize this is the journey of my life. I'm the one who decide what it would be like no matter what the circumstances is. I have the present moment to work it out and my soul to guide me through.

There are things in life that you can control, but there are also things that you can't control. Unwanted event, irritating people, unpredictable moments, boring stuff..., they are just there when you maneuver your life. Those external factors does not affect your life unless you let them so. They may be unpleasant and unwanted, but do not resist. Resist make things worse. Accept them as they are. Acceptance releases the tension and make peace again.

The memories and the thoughts of the past can clutter your mind, which in turn affects your feelings and emotions. Let them go. Learn your lessons, be appreciative, let them go and make peace. Do not turn back. Let them go. Move on with your life. Be thankful.

Go with the flow, observe what is, accept them and learn from them. Appreciate and be thankful. Move on, let go of the past, give space to new things as they come. Live life peacefully.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Be Yourself and Be Grateful

None of us are the same. We are all different in many ways. And we can never be the same. Even siblings growing up under one roof doesn't grow up and have the same exact life as their siblings. Humans are different inside and out.

Comparing yourself and your life with others is a waste of time. It can never be a good comparison. The backgrounds, the personalities, the preferences are all different. As Dr.Wayne Dyer says, "Be better than you used to be. Don't try to be better than others". Stop comparing yourself with others. You can never make a perfect comparison. But compare yourself with what you used to be.

What happens in the life of others does not affects you unless you allows it. Let them be as who they are and lead their own life as they want it to be. Let it be and let it go.

Instead, put the focus on yourself. Cultivate the good habits in you, fading the bad habits. Help others by helping yourself. Be inspired and inspires others. Love yourself, care for yourself and the goodness will just spread by itself. Be grateful with what you have and turn to your inner self for guidance from God.

The most important thing is that whatever you do, be sincere. Be true to yourself. Don't try to be someone else. You are you. Nobody can change it. Just be the best you.

Love yourself, and create a beautiful life to live here in this world and in the hereafter.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why I need to wake up early every morning

I always wanted to be an early riser, but almost every morning I always found myself giving excuses to be in bed for another 10 to 20 minutes after the the alarm goes off. I slept late last night, I couldn't sleep well last night, I feel tired, my body is aching and so on....even though deep in my mind I know I can just be on my feet right away and start my morning routine if I'm determined to do so.

I realized that if I want to be an early riser I have to find a good reason to do so. Avoiding a negative behavior is difficult, but cultivating good behavior for improvement is much more inspiring and energizing. So my focus is not on remedy or rectification but on gaining or benefiting.

What do I gain if I am an early riser?

1. Fresh start
To pull yourself together and jump out of bed early in the morning gives you momentum. When you wake up a little late (as I always did) you are slowly pushing yourself and dragging yourself to be alert. Your mind focuses on the down side of your situation (sleepy, tired, need more rest, etc). The activities that follows after you are out of bed will be slow and inactive compare to when you are jumping out of bed (though I don't really mean jump). The momentum makes your blood in your body flows more faster and makes you more alive. Just find the right focus when you greet the start of your day. Be grateful and smile from your soul.

2. Enjoy my morning routine
Early start in the morning means more time for getting ready for the day. More time to groom yourself neatly, enjoy your breakfast, and if you meditate or do your prayers early in the morning you can perform it more peacefully.

3. Get my day ahead of others
Morning is actually the best part of the day to get things done. The quietness, the calmness and the recharged you, gives you the right mood and energy to complete a few tasks efficiently and mindfully.

The most important point here is to be prepared the night before. Make sure you have a short list (1-3 items) of task to be completed in the morning, and go to bed early. Start your day with a smile from your heart and the world will smile back to you the rest of the day.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Be Truly in Acceptance in this Moment

Life is always full of colors. What makes we feel alive is the changes of colors we have in our life. Imagine having the same exact pattern in life every day. Every little thing is exactly the same; the emotion, the smell, the environment, the gesture, the words, the look, the feelings, from yourself to the people around you, all are exactly the same. How do you feel? Yeah!. Its like watching the same movie every day. Imagine doing it every day for a month. How do you feel?

Yesterday is always not the same as today. At least the shades of colors is not the  same. But still there is always dissatisfaction. There are moments when we want to get out of it as quickly as possible. There are days when we rather be somewhere else, doing something else.

When we are in this kind of situation, the most important thing is to be aware of the situation and accept what is happening at that moment. You may be in resistance, so stop the resistance. Accept whatever it is in that moment. Remember that you have only two things. One is your soul and another is that moment that you are in. Search your soul, "what should I do in this moment that would make the best out of this moment?".

If you have hope for the better future, let go the hope. It doesn't exist; not in this moment. Similarly if you have worries of the future, let them go, they doesn't happen yet. What you hope for and what you worries about, may or may not happen. Don't waste your time and energy thinking about it, you'll miss your precious present moment. You'll end up doing nothing beneficial or of value to your life.

So how do you live in the moment that you are not in favor of? Accept it and make the best out of it, appreciate whatever it is. Let your soul guide you. Just be sincere with you intention; to be beneficial in that moment. Accept what is, be sincere with your intention, let go the future and the past, and be with your soul in the present moment!

The Two Most Valuable Gifts in Life

Every human being has a soul. Without a soul there is no life. When you were born into this world, you are like a clean white blanket, so clean and soft.  So cute and adorable. All normal people would fall in love with a baby the moment they lay their eyes on it. Why? Because it is a pure soul.

A new born baby has not yet develop knowledge and memories. They are very clean and pure. That is how our soul is when it was first given to us... very clean and pure. So beautiful. But as we grow up, we ignore our soul. We are so busy thinking, and try to entertain ourself by focusing outwards to the world around us. We always want more and more. We are busy chasing after what we thought we want. We got lost in the sophistication of the life we create. We worries, we judge others, we are envious over the success of others. We do not appreciate what we have, instead we keep on searching for more. No wonder there is too much chaos in the world today!

We are so busy with human creations and external factors that we forgot the one beautiful gift that God has given to us..... our soul. When you are worry, bored or helpless, you can always search your soul for an answer and guidance. When you feel like judging others, look deep into your soul and see who you are, judge yourself. When you are angry with someone or a situation, return to your soul for peace and let go the anger; let God deal with it.

Be with your soul all the time and you will be at peace. Communicate with God through your soul. React in response to others through your soul, and your reaction will touch their soul. Love without condition, sincerity, patient... those are attributes from our soul.

God also give us the time space for our soul to act in; the NOW. The present moment that you have in your life. Action can only be done in the present moment. Past moments are gone and nothing you can do to change it, while future moment in reality it does not exist, it may or may not come into existence.

So stop cluttering your life with worries over the future and with anger, regrets and memories of the past. Live simple life. Savor the two most valuable gifts; your soul and the present moment. Live fully in the present moment through your soul. Life will be simple and peaceful. Thank you God for the two wonderful gifts.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

How to Maintain a Peaceful and Cheerful Life.

Life is not the same every day. There are days when we feel cheerful, happy and energetic. But, there are also days when we feel down, bored and gloomy. It's true that we can't control it 100%. But we can however minimized the down turn and create a good environment to maintain our cheerfulness.
  1. Peaceful and cheerful environment.
    Make sure your home is clean and tidy most of the time. The house should have a nice combination of soft and bright colours. A few bright colours here and there cheer up the house. On the other hand, too much of it will be overwhelming and stimulate aggressiveness.
  2. Make changes once in a while.
    Make little changes in your home once in a while. Change the arrangement of the furnitures. Change your curtains and the table cloth. Decorate your room differently. Changes boost up energy in you. Similarly, change your life routines. Rearrange your daily routines. Or do things differently. Take different steps. Changes in the procedure or the way we usually do things, open our mind to options and encourage improvement. A better way of living inspires you to make more improvements. Improvement cheers up your life.
  3. Mindful and inner peace.
    Depending on the outer forces to maintain a lively and cheerful live is not enough. Actually it all begins from inside. A person can still maintain his sanity and calmness even in a chaotic environment, if he has a peaceful soul in him. Be mindful every moment. Be aware of your thinking and your senses. What are you thinking now? What are you looking at, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting right now and every moment of you life. Be aware, accept it and enjoy it. Being mindful, give you the sense of self control and make your life more lively.
Use your soul as a doorway to peacefulness. Be sincere. Sincerity cleans your heart. Accept things as it is. Let go the past and the uncontrollable and let God deal with it. Learn to forgive and to forget. Be patient and trust God's help. By having only the good and clean in your heart, you'll have a peaceful and enjoyable life. Push away all the negatives (cheating, resistance, to be always in control of everything, revenge, anger and impatience) out of your life. And your life will be peaceful and clean. Believe me, it is a sweet kind of enjoyment and cheerfulness.