Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Living in the Moment

When I was much younger, my mind likes to wander away from my present moment. My body is physically there but my mind was far away either back to the past or wandering in the future. Sometimes I smile alone. I am always lost. I don't know what is happening around me. Sometimes I can't  remember what I have done and what I have not. As a consequence I find myself keep on repeating whatever I am doing.

As I grow older, I like to read motivational and self help articles on the internet. I also find myself enjoy reading motivational books. One of the first books that captured my attention was 'The Power of Now' by Echart Tolle, which was recommended in Oprah Winfrey Show. The writer stresses that mankind should be living in the moment in order to have a stress-free life. We should enjoy every moment of our life using our five senses. Let go the past and the future; just enjoy the present. Go with your life flow. Accept whatever comes into your life. Do not resist. Just live in the NOW.

As a muslim I find that it is a good practice. A muslim should always accept whatever comes into their life.The word is redha. We should every moment aware that God is watching us; live in the moment by feeling God's presence every moment. Surrender our life to God by trusting Him; go with the flow. The word is tawakal.

Alhamdulillah, the awareness transformed my life. Every moment, I try to remind myself that God is with me; whatever I do He knows. I leave the past and the future to Him, as I trust Him. I am using my five senses more every moment. Life is more calm. Every action is one small step at a time; no rushing and multi-tasking. Sounds slow, but actually is more efficient. I enjoy every step, without feeling overwhelmed and lost. It is really a peace of mind!

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