Sunday, September 19, 2010

What life is all about

We are born into this world, fresh and innocent. The first person we know is our care taker, may it be our parents, grandparents, foster parents, whoever take care and love us as who we are. From them we learn to be a human being just like others. We learn to communicate properly, eat properly, walk properly and behave properly.  In short we learn the basic of humanity from them.

As we grow older, we learn more. We interact with more people and begin to learn something from them too. We begin to form habits, establish what we like and what we don't. And when we grow up into adult, we try to establish who we are. What career we want to hold, what kind of lifestyle we want to have, what kind of status, entitlement we want to have, what are the things we want to posses. That's how we were brought up. Be somebody. Earn all the luxury in life while you are here in this world. Life is short. Be the best among the best.

As a consequence, all our life, we fight, we struggle, we do whatever we can to reach at the top. As we meet people and learn about their life, their success and failure, we envy their success, we tried hard to avoid failure. Our life become a race. When we win, we are happy, when we lose, we feel frustrated. Life becomes a struggle.  We sometimes exhausted, depressed, pressured. But what can we do, that's the purpose of our life. The purpose that we set, our parents set, our communities set.

Looking at life in different perspective can change your life. It is ok to be different as long as your are making the best out of your life. When we were in our mother's womb, we are well taken care of. Everything we need is there for us. We need not to worry. We let it be as it is. But when we were born nine months later, our life changes, there's a lot of intervention from out care taker whoever they are. Our life is shaped and colored by them. And when we grow up, and old enough to be independent, we take over our life thinking our future is all in our hands. What a big mistake!

We were well taken care of by God when we were in our mother's womb, but when we were born, our care taker interferes a lot in our life, then when we are adult, we ourselves trying hard to take control of our life. Little do we realize, that we have edge God out. We think we have the power to shape our destiny. We fight, we race to make it happen. In the struggle, some of us lose our mind, we even lose ourselves. We do whatever it takes to be at the top. Some of us manage to be there. Others failed. We become depressed when we fail. Some of us suffer mental problem, others involve in social problems. For the one who succeeded to be at the top,  the pleasure and fame does not last. They feel pressured to maintain their status, their title, their wealth, etc. They fight and struggle to maintain who they think they are. Eventually, life is not as beautiful as they thought it would be. The race never ends.

Have we ever ask ourself, why we want to be in this race? Is it worth it? No! Your life may look good to others who are on their way to the top, but you the one who is living it, do you feel peace, do you enjoy almost every moment of your life? Fear of being tumbled down, fear of losing your possession, fear of loosing your title and status. Hardship in facing your rivals. It's beautiful outside, but not inside. This what happen when we are living in ego. We think our possession, our status is who we are. And when we lose one of them, we feel like we are losing ourself.

On the other hand, let go ego and let God do the rest. We started as a sacred soul, doing nothing and letting God guide our path. We have no worries, no pain, when we were in our mothers's womb because we let God be there in our life. But when we are out in this world, we let ego take over our life. We edge God out. Instead of listening to God, we listen to our ego. Ego leads us to false happiness, while God leads us to a true ever lasting happiness.

Every person in this world has a purpose. God created each one of us with a purpose. To pursue our purpose, we have to let God guide us. Live our life with virtues and listen to our inner self all along the way to get guidance from God. Respect everyone you meet, no matter who they are. Everyone deserve respect from others because each of us is a divine spirit, no matter what we accumulate in this world. Be sincere in whatever you do. Nothing is more beautiful than a task done with a true pure heart. No intention to gain or to lose, but to just do it the best we can and to be valuable to others. No cheating, just be true to yourself and others, because God is always there every second watching you. Be kind to everyone who enters your life. A simple and sweet act such as a smile can spread peacefulness to others and in turn shape smile in theirs faces. Be supportive and ready to serve others. Surrender yourself to God, and focus on how you can help others. Whatever goes out will come back to us. So if we respect others, sincere, be kind to others and always serving others, God will make sure that you will get it back, usually in unexpected manner. The point here is to put yourself in the hands of God, and live life peacefully, by doing good deeds for others.

In this world, not all people are nice and kind. God created all kinds of people to teach us to be patience. When we meet unpleasant people, we accept they are as they are. Do not judge because it is not our right to judge others. But always remember to evaluate ourself as we are subjected to God's judgement. Forgive them and forget about it. And you will be at peace again.

Always start our day with gratitude. Thank God for another beautiful day. It will be a beautiful day if we decide it to be one. Be thankful for whatever comes into your life. Love others without condition. Fill your heart with love. What others do to you does not affect you, what affects you is how you respond to the situation. How you respond depends on what is inside you. If you heart and soul is full of love, then your response will be lovely. But if your heart is full of hatred, bad expectation, and negativity, then your response will be ugly. Think about it.

And finally ends your day with self evaluation, learn from it, and decide how you can improve. Sleep deeply by being your soul.

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