Sunday, September 26, 2010

Be Like Water

Have you observed a flowing water? May it be the one in your decorative garden, or the one in the fish pond, or maybe in the waterfall you visited somewhere. Have you ever sense the peacefulness of its being? In essence, water by itself is clean, transparent, and tends to flow whenever it can. The water that flows downhill usually come from a source under the ground. It is pure and clean. As it flows, it encounters many obstacles, such as rocks, stones, sand and tree roots. Sometimes the soil, dried leaves and other small particles that come in its way, follows the flow and sometimes get stuck somewhere and just stop its journey there. But the water it still keep on flowing, encountering more and more things. That's the beauty of water! Keep on flowing no matter what comes in its way.

That's how life should be. Life is a journey like a flowing water. As long as you keep on flowing, you will be useful and benefit others. Whatever comes into your life, may it be pleasant, depressing, cheering, irritating, lovely or touching, it colors your life, just like the soil, the leaves, sand or dirt that flows with the water. But a flowing water will soon cleans up itself as it keeps on flowing, and shapes the stones and the rocks gently, as it passes them over time. Whatever the obstacles are, water always find its way through, to keep on flowing.

Flowing water helps cleans up whatever it passes by, may it be clothes, hands, or utensils that people wash in a flowing water. And in turn cleans up itself as it flow through nature.

Below I lists lessons that we can learn from a flowing water:
  • Be gentle to whatever comes into your life.
  • Always find your way out, not by struggling or fighting, but by accepting the present of the obstacles and find alternatives to keep on going
  • Be open to whatever that comes in your way and let it be as it is
  • Be valuable, by benefiting others gently as you pass by their life
  • When you are feeling down, sad, depressed or anxious, move on with your life from moment to moment gently, and you will soon be back to your pure soul; peaceful and clean. Don't be like a stagnant water; living in your past, letting those negatives feelings colors your life forever.
Happy flowing!

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