Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back to your origin

I always longing for that sense of peacefulness and serenity when I perform my prayer. Sometimes I tried hard to  be there, which feels like heaven, but it doesn't seem to be the way I want it to be. Lately, I try to connect with my soul every moment I could. Life is more peaceful. Tasks, workouts or whatever I do seems to be more alive, peaceful, energized and inspired. Then when I do my prayer I try to practice what I have learned; always connect to my soul and it works. I am finally there. The serenity feelings!

Then I started to ponder why life is so chaotic today. With technology, daily routines are more convenient than ever, entertainment is everywhere and yet people tend to be more crazy and crazier every day. Now I know why. The more you are further from your soul, your origin, the more chaotic your life will be. The technology and entertainment, tend to put our focus away from our soul. The internet, blackberry and ipod makes our mind busy wandering away, further from our soul. Sometimes, we are just lost in a different world in our mind that we forget our physical existence and ignore what is around us.  I'm not saying that we should be back to our ancestor primitive life. No! Though it seems a more environment friendly kind of lifestyle.  Just accept what is, go with the flow, but one important thing, wherever or however you go with the flow, tie yourself tightly to your soul. Your life will be more guided and meaningful.

So, whatever you do or whatever condition you  are in, just feel yourself rooted to your soul every moment, and act from that source. Life will be full of peace and serenity. Beautiful!

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