Friday, October 8, 2010

Be better than I used to be, not better than anyone else

"Be better than I used to be, not better than anyone else". I always say this to myself whenever I feel envious of somebody else's life. God has His own way of being fair and square. Identify you own weaknesses, accept it and do something to improve it. Make yourself better then you used to be. Life is not a race. You cannot be better than someone else, because each of us is different and we live in different circumstances. Believe me! God is being fair to everyone of us. Its how we help ourself  that makes the difference. So be appreciative and help yourself to be a better person.

We do not have the rights to judge others. Their life is what is, accept it. Instead, be aware of you own life as you are subjected to God's judgement. Life is short to be wasted on jealousy, hatred and arrogance. Let God guide you through your soul. Your life will be full of love and gratitude.

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