Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Ideal Writing Session

There are moments when writing is smooth and fascinating. Everything seems to flow smoothly and beautifully. The urge to put down my ideas in words is so strong, that the words just flow continuously; non-stop. I end the session with a smile in my face right from my heart. A content and full filling feelings in my heart.

I remember that moment clearly in my mind. I was sitting alone peacefully in front of my computer. Sitting up straight, comfortably and feel relax. The room was not completely quiet, but quiet enough to get me in the mood of writing. I have a subject in my mind to write about. I type the title, and begin the journey, point to point as it emerge in my mind. I keep on tapping my fingers on the keyboard without looking back at what I have wrote. Just keep on writing until I have no more point to elaborate. This is when I go back to my first word in the first  paragraph, read what I have wrote, correct the syntax and spelling here and there, fine tune it  until I'm satisfied.

If more ideas come in, I'll repeat the process until all is laid down satisfactorily. Once done I'll read it over and over again, word by word until I'm happy with it. Then I'll just leave it and continue with my other tasks peacefully and happily. Cheers!

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