Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Pleasure of NOW

Have you ever do a task with the focus fully on your inner-self, doing the task? It's a wonderful experience, believe me! The task becomes more enjoyable. And as your mind is more focused, you become more efficient. Fast and focused. Just like a Kungfu fighter. Accomplishes so many things in a short time. And the sense of contentment at the end of the task, put a smile in your face and energizes you for more fulfilling tasks.

What happens here is you are working in harmony with yourself. Your mind, spirit and every parts of your body, all working together to accomplish only one thing at that moment. How do you do that?

Well, before you start any task, make clear of your sincere intention in your heart. Then move on to the doing with the sincere intention in mind. Feel yourself doing it and enjoy it. See and feel yourself doing it through the eyes of your spirit. Take your time. Stay calm. Though you feel that you are moving in a slow pace, actually you are more efficient as everything goes smooth and mistake are minimize compare to if you do it in a rushing mode.

Rushing is not fast. When you rush you tend to make more mistake. Correcting the mistake or making up to the damage done is more time consuming and an energy waster. You feel you are doing it fast when you rush, but when you rush, you are not focused. You are multitasking. Your mind, spirit and body are not focused to one thing. Instead the energy is spread to more than one thing. A focused energy, like laser beam is more powerful than a spread energy.

All you need is practice. Remember these points. One, sincere intention. Two, Be in harmony with the task at hand. And finally, one small step at a time.

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