Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Two Most Valuable Gifts in Life

Every human being has a soul. Without a soul there is no life. When you were born into this world, you are like a clean white blanket, so clean and soft.  So cute and adorable. All normal people would fall in love with a baby the moment they lay their eyes on it. Why? Because it is a pure soul.

A new born baby has not yet develop knowledge and memories. They are very clean and pure. That is how our soul is when it was first given to us... very clean and pure. So beautiful. But as we grow up, we ignore our soul. We are so busy thinking, and try to entertain ourself by focusing outwards to the world around us. We always want more and more. We are busy chasing after what we thought we want. We got lost in the sophistication of the life we create. We worries, we judge others, we are envious over the success of others. We do not appreciate what we have, instead we keep on searching for more. No wonder there is too much chaos in the world today!

We are so busy with human creations and external factors that we forgot the one beautiful gift that God has given to us..... our soul. When you are worry, bored or helpless, you can always search your soul for an answer and guidance. When you feel like judging others, look deep into your soul and see who you are, judge yourself. When you are angry with someone or a situation, return to your soul for peace and let go the anger; let God deal with it.

Be with your soul all the time and you will be at peace. Communicate with God through your soul. React in response to others through your soul, and your reaction will touch their soul. Love without condition, sincerity, patient... those are attributes from our soul.

God also give us the time space for our soul to act in; the NOW. The present moment that you have in your life. Action can only be done in the present moment. Past moments are gone and nothing you can do to change it, while future moment in reality it does not exist, it may or may not come into existence.

So stop cluttering your life with worries over the future and with anger, regrets and memories of the past. Live simple life. Savor the two most valuable gifts; your soul and the present moment. Live fully in the present moment through your soul. Life will be simple and peaceful. Thank you God for the two wonderful gifts.

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