Sunday, January 2, 2011

How to Maintain a Peaceful and Cheerful Life.

Life is not the same every day. There are days when we feel cheerful, happy and energetic. But, there are also days when we feel down, bored and gloomy. It's true that we can't control it 100%. But we can however minimized the down turn and create a good environment to maintain our cheerfulness.
  1. Peaceful and cheerful environment.
    Make sure your home is clean and tidy most of the time. The house should have a nice combination of soft and bright colours. A few bright colours here and there cheer up the house. On the other hand, too much of it will be overwhelming and stimulate aggressiveness.
  2. Make changes once in a while.
    Make little changes in your home once in a while. Change the arrangement of the furnitures. Change your curtains and the table cloth. Decorate your room differently. Changes boost up energy in you. Similarly, change your life routines. Rearrange your daily routines. Or do things differently. Take different steps. Changes in the procedure or the way we usually do things, open our mind to options and encourage improvement. A better way of living inspires you to make more improvements. Improvement cheers up your life.
  3. Mindful and inner peace.
    Depending on the outer forces to maintain a lively and cheerful live is not enough. Actually it all begins from inside. A person can still maintain his sanity and calmness even in a chaotic environment, if he has a peaceful soul in him. Be mindful every moment. Be aware of your thinking and your senses. What are you thinking now? What are you looking at, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting right now and every moment of you life. Be aware, accept it and enjoy it. Being mindful, give you the sense of self control and make your life more lively.
Use your soul as a doorway to peacefulness. Be sincere. Sincerity cleans your heart. Accept things as it is. Let go the past and the uncontrollable and let God deal with it. Learn to forgive and to forget. Be patient and trust God's help. By having only the good and clean in your heart, you'll have a peaceful and enjoyable life. Push away all the negatives (cheating, resistance, to be always in control of everything, revenge, anger and impatience) out of your life. And your life will be peaceful and clean. Believe me, it is a sweet kind of enjoyment and cheerfulness.

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