Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mind Your Own Business

Have it ever occur to you that you are always minding other people's business?
Most of us would answer 'No'. Well think again. At least when you are alone, what are you thinking. Are you always focus on your present moment all the time?

Chances are that we are thinking about the past events. We relive the past moments. Sometimes we even rehearsing in our mind what should be said in those moments. We judge the characters. We let the emotion absorb into us. The sadness, the in-satisfaction, the anger, the shame, the happiness... all drifting us away from our present moment.

Do we gain anything from this? Does it rectify the situation? Are we feeling any better? The answer is 'No'. Why? Because no action is done. It only amplify the emotion. And according to law of attraction, it attracts more of such situation. Furthermore, you lost. You let your present moment pass by without doing anything beneficial.

When dealing with the past, the first thing to do is to accept it, and then ask yourself what you can learn from it and how can you rectify it. The philosophy here is to think of the positives (the lessons and the solution). If you can't think of a remedy, leave it to God since He is the best to rely on. Then move on with your present moment. Mind your own business.

Judging and thinking about others is not your business. Whatever others do to you is also non of your business. It is their business. Your business is how you react to a situation. Thinking about the problem is a negative way of reacting. Judging and thinking of how bad and inappropriate others are also non of your business. Let God deal with it; He knows the best. Your business is in your present moment. Make the best out of it through your soul. Be sincere in every moment and your soul will guide you through.

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