Monday, June 6, 2011

My Life Focus

We ought to have a focus in life so that our energy can be concentrated into one thing, and not distributed into many little things. Focus make us more effective and makes our life more meaningful. Life without focus is like letting yourself drifted in a wide blue sea.... wasted and lost.

To be in controlled, I have to own my own life. I have to recognize what is mine and what I am liable to. Follows is what I discover:

The past is gone, it is not mine.
The future is a non-existence.
What others do, may it be to me, to other beings or things, is non of my business. It is between them and God.

What is mine is my soul.
What exist is my present moment.
What is my business is what I do, whether at my will or in reaction to external factors, because I have to answer each of it to God.

Therefore, my focus in life is 'Being my soul in every moment of my life'. The soul is the doorway to the truth, so let my life be guided by the truth.

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