Monday, August 23, 2010

From thought to reality

'Practice makes perfect' a common saying that almost all of us have heard of. But it is so common that we sometimes just ignore it. We want to do something amazingly, but before we can we have to start somewhere. Take baby steps, move on, keep on going, you might fall and slip here and there, but get up, get on your feet again and move on.

Sometimes we have great ideas, but that ideas never come into reality. Why? Because we doesn't have the courage or the drive to begin it. What drive us to do what we want to achieve? What inspire us to take the difficulty, to take the action to move towards our intention. The answer is the thought! When we start thinking about what we intended to realize, thinking about it deeply, visualize it in our mind; having the picture of the end result clearly in our mind, imagining the details, we are practicing it in our head. From there automatically, our physical body will act upon it, day in and day out. And, eventually we will master it.

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