Thursday, August 12, 2010

In harmony inside out

I have been reading about focus for quite sometimes, in my effort to be more focused in life. In one of the articles I read, focusing is to make all parts within you working together towards a goal. Your mind, hands, body, soul all are working towards one thing. And if you are really focused, you will be in the flow; meaning zero distraction. The way I look at it, in order to be focused in whatever you are doing, you have to be in harmony within yourself.

Focus is important to make sure you do your best efficiently in whatever your undertakings. As important as focus, living with purpose or with intention will make your life flow in the right path. Intention here is not something you decide, but something that is destined for you. To live with purpose or intention, you must be in harmony with others around you, undividing love to others, be kind, no judgments, no expectations, accept others as who they are. Love nature, appreciate the beauty of every little thing around us. And most importantly, be in harmony with God. Love, be grateful, help others and be kind to all living thing.

In conclusion, being harmony inside-out is important to live a meaningful, and wonderful life.

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