Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I want to do something beneficial

I have always wanted to do something beneficial to myself and others on this earth. I have so many things on my list, from writing good blogs to producing extraordinary product that is useful to anybody on this earth. Focus, yes thats my problem. I seem to be unable to focus on one mission, on one niche. All the items in my mission list are interesting,  fun, and enjoyable. I am aware that I have to pick up only one and focus on it... truly focus on it, live with, dream about it. But, which one? I love doing all of them, but when I start doing one of them, there is this urge to do the other thing (it is my resistance). When I start doing the other thing, the urge come again whispering to stop what I am doing....... it is boring, it is not worthwhile doing, look for other better oportunities.

Then, I realized if I keep on doing this, I will end up nowhere. Simplify. Focus on one thing at a time. When I read an article on the Zenhabits blog 'The Reason You’re Stuck (and the one best way to avoid the six ways that will keep you stuck)'  by Seth Godin, I realized that, yes it is the resistance that keep on sticking me to be a mediocre. From the article, I learn that, to escape myself  from the sucking glue, I have to have a very strong intention, that I 'll do whatever it takes to achieve my intention. Bravo! Find one good intention that I really want to manifest. Ignore the execuses. Shut up the negative thoughts. I want to manifest it, I have too, it really matters. I want to be like water. It keeps on flowing, no matter how big, and strong the obstacles....always find my way out.

Now, take only one mission, no turning back, improve as I progress, make adjustments as it happens... strive and keep on progressing as it give me pleasure and a wonderful feeling of contentment.

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