Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Acceptance, the Key to a Wonderful Life

"What a wonderful day today is", you thought. The weather is good. Your mood is good. And the traffic is unusually smooth. Your colleagues noticed how happy you are today. Suddenly, your boss called you to his office. A new assignment for you. You went into  his room smiling until you heard what the assignment is all about. Something that you really dread doing. "Oh, No! Not me. Give it to someone else" shouted your inner voice. But what you could only say to your boss is "Okay, I'll do it".

Back at your desk, you are not the same person as you are when you arrived earlier this morning. Unsatisfactory and a little of anger filled up your heart. You can't concentrate. You tried to focus on your work. But it is just too difficult. You felt uncomfortable. You felt like going out somewhere to loosen up and take some fresh air, but you can't. It's office hour and you know how strict the HR department are.

"Face it", suddenly the phrase just come up in your head. You sit back. Then took a deep breath. "Why not? After all I have no choice", you thought. "Okay then, I'll do it the best I can". Next thing, you find yourself listing the objectives of your new assignment. Then the action lists. And finally you got the plan outlined. You felt content and smiled.

You can turn around just about anything that God permits, by accepting whatever comes into your life as it is. Accept them with an open heart. Then work it out from there. Enjoy it as you do it.

The moment you accept, everything will loosen up. Everything seems to fall nicely into its place. Life become easier and more pleasant. On the other hand, when you resist, you create tension. You are not following the flow of your life. You are trying to swim upstream. Life will be difficult, exhausting and full of frustration.

Therefore, be like water, always flowing smoothly and make its way through, even there are obstacles.

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