Friday, December 24, 2010

How to manage your time efficiently

Time is fix. You doesn't get more today or lesser tomorrow. What has passed, is gone. And what is coming is beyond your control. All you have is NOW; a space to act in.

You can't control your future 100%, but you can be prepared. Set your priorities. Narrow down your focus. Get a good rest to ensure you have enough energy for the future. Prepare your mind and body for it. Start your day early and fresh. And do not forget to prepare yourself for the unplanned events, in case they come up. In other words, set your target, get yourself equipped mind and body, and have alternative plans or reserve space for the unexpected.

Moments come and go. Therefore do your best in each moment. Single tasked. Do one task at a time, one small step at a time. Focus and concentrate on one thing. Do not multi-tasking, your energy and attention will spread out and will be less effective. Just focus on one thing in each moment and enjoy it.

What happened in the past sometimes weighs you down. Let them go. Extract the lesson from it and use it as your tool. Then let go the past. Move on. What makes you today is not shaped by the past but by what you do now, in this moment. So get up and embrace your moment!

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