Friday, December 24, 2010

Your life is already perfect

Are you happy with your life? Or are you always whining about your life? Actually you are the main contributor, the determiner of how your life is.

God created us with a purpose and give us life. All we have to do is go with the flow. What comes into our life is gifts from God. Do not compare it with others. Do not ask for more. Do not crave for other things. What is there for you is yours. It is the best for you. Accept it with open heart. Be thankful to God.

When we accept whatever God give us we do not resist his gifts. We are being harmony with ourself and God. And when we thank Him for the gifts, we appreciate them and we will get more gifts. Life will be peaceful and abundant.

If we do not know what to do with the gift or doesn't like the gift. The first step is to accept it and be thankful. Something is better than nothing. Then work your way to make use of the gift. There is always a way if you focus and work on it. Trust me God will help you in you endeavor. And when you succeed, be thankful again. You will get more gifts and help from God. Your life will be full of abundance.

Sometimes on your way to success, there are obstacles and disturbances. Accept them peacefully as they come. They are teachers that help us to learn new skills, polish existing skills and learn to be patient. Work your way out smartly and peacefully. If there is nothing you can do about it. Just accept it and leave to God to deal with it. It is not your part. It comes to teach you to be patient. Then let it go and move on.

So my dear friends put a sincere smile in your face today and live your life as it is.

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